Navigating the Visa Process for Recommerce Expo 2024 in India

For all international participants and esteemed guests planning to attend the Recommerce Expo 2024, securing a visa to enter India is essential. To facilitate the application for the E Conference Visa through the Indian Ministry, we kindly request the following information from all our international delegates


Name of applicant

Father's / Husband's name

Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Nationality and Passport number

Date and place of issue

Date of Expiry

Address in country of residence

Credentials/ Professional details

The Recommerce Expo organisers will initiate the collection of the specified information as part of the registration process. Participants are required to submit this information no later than 3 months before the conference dates. Notifications regarding the necessary information will be sent to participants via email.

Requirements for applying for an E Conference Visa

Letter of Invitation from the Conference Organizer (this will be provided by the Recommerce Expo 2024 organizers to the participants)

Ministry of External Affairs Permission

Ministry of Home Affairs Permission / Other Authorities (where applicable)

Note 📝

Kindly apply for the E Conference visa only once all the above documents are available.
The documents will be emailed to you as soon as they become available.

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